Warning: Original text written in Portuguese, but translated to English in order to obtain greater visibility. This is an automatic translation, only slightly revised by the author, and may contain some inaccuracies, which, we believe, will not affect the global understanding of the text.

Difficult to say which of the two cases it is the most chocking : the Danish or the Japanese. Both turn the same on subject: slaughters in mass of dolphins, every year, at the same time. The first one, in Faroe islands, in the Denmark, on behalf of a tradition viking that it consists of making with that hundreds of young man kill others as many hundreds of dolphins of the Calderon species (those more docile and joking ones, that naive comes close and makes friendship with the human beings) and pilot whales. That is made as rite of passage of the young man, from adolescence to the adult phase. In this ritual the people also participates, helping and seeming to have fun itself ahead of a true carnage, where the sea if dyes the red of the blood of the abated animals and that later, agonizing or already deceased, they are lined up in sands of the beach, as trophies. The event for the natives seems to be so natural that the footage and photos are not prohibited.

In another case, the Japanese, the facts occurred in Honshu islands and the reasons already are of economic order, therefore an abated dolphin for consumption of the meat can be sold by 500 dollars. But they will be able to reach up to 1. 500 dollars, will if sold for exhibitions in aquatic parks, shows that are very common in some countries, occidental as in such a way eastern. The difference betwen the Japanese case and the Danish, is that in Japan these activities are clandestine, hidden of the world, with total repression to any type of spreading for the exterior. Photos and filmings are forbidden, being restrained even with violence, as it happened with a team of ambientalists directed by the former-trainer of dolphins Ric O’Barney, who registered (private and in true style James Bond) all the difficulties why he passed with his team, to obtain rare images and photos. The video produced (The Cove) was so shocking and realistic, even received several international awards for reporting.

What it exists of common in the two cases are the large number of died animals with refinements of cruelty: after arrested and murdered with a stick, death does not occur immediately, passing the dolphins per some minutes of agony, where they die slowly, slipping in blood and shouting like a child’s human.  See the two videos and  take off yours conclusions and if possible, emit opinions about the reasons that have not allowed the wide dissemination of these facts the around the world. These videos, by my complete lack of time to translate and to put subtitles,  are in English, but are easy to understand because the images speak for themselves and stand out. But first, a warning: these videos contain strong and shocking images and are not recommended for sensitive people and children under 14 years old. Here are the videos:

Video 1 – Killing of dolphins in Faroe Island, Denmark:



Video 2 – The Cove (A Enseada)
Killing of dolphins in Honshu Islands, Japan:


Due to what we saw, we can only ask: One day, when food stocks become insufficient to humanity due to global overpopulation, who the man will kill? 

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